Cutting through the bullshit the MSM produces as a distraction to get the focus back on issues and solutions.

In a democratic society the news media is supposed to act as an agent of the public essentially policing government officials serving as what is called a “watchdog” for the people. Exemplified by the American system, media politics requires universal access to the media and the diminished role of political parties in choosing candidates (Iyengar, McGrady 2-3).

There are many problems that prevent the media acting as an agent of the people. The first is that the need for authoritative sources leads the media to rely heavily on the government officials for information (Iyengar, McGrady 6). Objective descriptive reporting has given way to interpretive and analytic journalism (Iyengar, McGrady 6). Major news sources are now heavily influenced by party politics to the detriment of effective reporting (Media Politics. Iyengar, McGrady 2007).

To obtain a true democracy we must have access to trustworthy sources of reliable information. That cannot be found in the mainstream media. Many Indy News Sources and Citizen Journalists work to provide the information we need. This website was created in hopes of joining that effort. In light of the deteriorating mainstream journalism amid challenging and devise political times, the goal of this site is to arm the people with information and resources.

Question Everything

“The most dangerous people on the planet are those who do not question. They seek the comfort and safety of knowing all of the answers. Some authority tells them what to think and what to feel and they are as happy as a post and as dumb.”
“All of art, all invention, all commerce, and all religion and philosophy emerged from the fertile minds and hearts of those who questioned. There has never been a genius in any field who was not a questioner. Nothing new has ever arisen from the sterile minds of those who do not question.”
“The process of education gradually stamps out this natural questing behavior. Our system of education does not encourage questioning. It encourages learning the right answers. Original thinking is discouraged, as is drawing outside of the lines”
“Propaganda is a way of giving answers, of telling the citizens what is true and real and what is false and unreal. The masses do not want to think for themselves. If their family, friends, and neighbors are following the government’s dogma, they want to follow the dogma too. They do not want to stand out in the crowd.”
“One serious side effect of our system of education is to create people who conform, who do not rock the boat. And with good reason. Many of our great revolutionaries have ended up dead. This includes Ghandi, King, and both Kennedies, in our time. These were all boat rockers. These all questioned authority and the status quo.”
Question Everything by Bob Trowbridg





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