M1 OPD Mini Tank

04 July 2012

CONCORD, CA While many Americans celebrate Freedoms long lost, tyranny is mounting. Concord, California is joining many cities across the country putting military “surplus” to use. Concord’s new addition the Mamba, an 11-seater bullet proof armored vehicle is just one of the many armored military vehicles now on our cities streets. Napa, Berkeley (UCBPD), Oakland and St. Louis also have armored vehicles. The militarization of our police force is being facilitated by program 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) .

According to the Concord Patch, the CPD spent at least $15,000 to restore the vehicle and make it operational.

“Mamba wasn’t operational when it rolled out of the back of the [delivery] truck,” “When we first got it, both the interior and exterior needed a lot of work,”  

“We’ve worked with many local businesses to restore, paint and add [emergency] equipment to make it field-ready.””We’re lucky that local businesses provided discounts and sometimes only charged us whatever parts cost them,”
Officer Craig Oelrich

Source: http://concord-ca.patch.com/articles/concord-pd-to-debut-new-swat-armored-vehicle

Alarming in and of itself, the militarization of our police force is just one of the many concerns threatening our liberty. The president has the power to declare martial law any time any time of disaster occurs anywhere in the world with very vague terms as to what constitutes such through NSPD 51 of NDAA. In addition, DHS has now purchased over 450 million bullets to be used domestically.

While some salute the flag, today others will fly theirs upside down as a sign of distress while others burn theirs in an act of protest.

More Info:

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